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Guided Self-Marketing


1 hour    $85.00

Provide Support for Questions

We have a forum board, where simple question can be answered. More complicated questions will be handled for purchased points.
Level 1-10 points
Level 2-20 points
Level 3-30 points
Level 4-40 points
Level 5-50 points
more about Levels

20 points-$20.00
35 points-$30.00
60 points-$50.00
100 points-$80.00

"Step-by step marketing plan"

Fully Featured (non-free cart) We create a "step-by step" plan of action for marketing site, based on client needs.

Education and suggestions readings

All our clients will be provided with downloads of educational guides and other suggestible readings.

Recommend Software, Tools and Utilities

We also recommend Softwares, Tools and Utilities, and Free or Membership SEO websites that assist in saving time and achieving marketing goals to our clients quickly.


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