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Enabling Self-Marketers

We are a specialized Search Engine Marketing Company. Though, we have the capacity to perform full marketing for any client, we specialize in enabling self marketers through education and support. We have found that proper Internet marketing consists of many hours of laborious work. If done properly at first, a web site's marketing efforts can require less time later on. Most companies that offer full service require contracts of a year or more to offset the laborious initial efforts. We understand the extensive commitment with this kind of plan. Even spread over the term of the contract, the marketing costs (non-inclusive of advertising costs) commonly are between $1500.00 - 3500.00 per month. If you were to read the contracts further, you would quickly understand that they are for a limited amount of marketing with in one web site. This usually consist of maybe 30 keyword phrases or words on just 8-10 pages or categories. Then the contract maintains a monthly check of search results to see if further adjustment is required. In the scope of a total marketing, it's very limited. So in theory, most start-ups cannot afford the total costs of doing the laborious majority of the marketing effort. Those that can will usually spend $25,000.00 to more than $100,000.00 annually. I have clients who do more than a million dollars in annual sales that still do self-guided marketing because they can't afford this in their budgets. We would like to caution you about some budget marketing companies or even not so budget. The services they provide involve just running automated tools. This can be effective to some degree but it can also be detrimental. They use mass submission robots and automated optimizers taking less the just a few minutes per month. This type of marketing is usually better than none but again is very limited in the scope of a sound comprehensive program and almost never achieves top search results.

We have been doing web site marketing and development for 9 years. We have been through the paces and changes of Internet. We have always formulated marketing that was innovative and never copied others' techniques that are dated and don't work. We have never had our techniques become dated because we use solid methods and ideas that don't try to fool or spam search engines. We are self marketers ourselves. We have been self taught, through research, trial and experience. We feel that these qualities make us uniquely qualified to guide other self marketers. With 10 years of successful results and experience, we feel we can help you achieve your goals affordably.


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